About Craft × Tech


Craft x Tech is an initiative to bridge the gap between traditional Japanese craft and contemporary technology. Our goal is to create a novel and unique body of artworks that express both the history and future potential of these beautiful materials and techniques. With this in mind, we have selected a group of designers and artists whose work we respect and admire and who we believe will bring new and meaningful insights to these centuries-old master crafts traditions.


Art Collaboration

We will produce collaborations between world-class artists and designers and traditional craft industries from various regions. As part of the project, we will create art pieces targeted at collectors, which will be produced, presented, and sold exclusively both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, through sponsorship and business partnerships, we aim to create synergy with corporate activities and expand into larger-scale business endeavors.


Academic Research

Researching the fusion of traditional crafts and technology centered around the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Advanced Studies. Collaborating with multiple research labs and other universities to advance student projects. Collaborating with local governments to create artworks and introducing a new course, "Advanced Craft Theory," for all graduate students at the University of Tokyo in 2024. Additionally, we developed and presented "DAWN," a project combining Kanazawa foil and cutting-edge ultra-short pulse laser technology.

Craft x Tech Association

  • Founder / Creative Director

    Hideki Yoshimoto

  • Managing Director

    Keita Sato

  • Director

    Shinichi Ohnuma

  • Director

    Kenji Goto

  • Director

    Toshiki Sato

  • Manager

    Kentaro Ueno

  • Curatorial Director

    Maria Cristina Didero

Management Team

  • Project Manager

    Miki Sumida

  • Project Manager

    Ai Hamaguchi

  • Project Manager

    Eri Sasaki

  • Project Manager

    Kana Kubota

  • Production Manager

    Akane Kawahara

  • PR Manager

    Yuko Kiyotake

  • PR Manager

    Masumi Yamamoto